P.M Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd


P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. operates under the umbrella of Pirani Group of Companies. The manufacturing facility of P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. stretches to an immense area of 116160 Square Yards.

The tractors manufactured by P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. are from 50-75 Hertz and with this the organization has achieved yet another landmark of entering the four-wheeler circuit.

The tractors manufactured by P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. are more technologically balanced as compared to the ones already in circulation in the market. The tractors are designed to perform better in any kind of land-mass with every kind of operations facility. They are best for irrigation, land cultivation and thus all the aspects for tractors used in Pakistan.

P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. has the facility that can cater to the manufacturing of trucks, vans, mini-vans, pickups and 7-seaters. P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. has arranged technical collaboration with Dong Feng Group of Companies, which is a prominent and prolific figure in the auto mobile industry though out the world. The technology collaboration enables the organization to manufacture better performing and reliable commercial vehicles that are designed to take the maximum amount of load.

P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. is yet to start the full-fledged production of four wheelers, except for tractors. P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. was able to sell the testing units in the market which are currently providing services and are being considered as one of the best substitutes in the truck, pickup and van categories. The most striking factor of all the four-wheelers category is that all the vehicles have an EFI Injection system which enables the vehicles to consume less fuel and perform better with higher efficiency keeping in mind the international standards of the commercial vehicles. The loaders of the vehicles are perfectly designed keeping the business conditions in Pakistan, where business is growing and everyday more tonnage are being trucked.

P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd. is ready to launch the product in the market by the middle of next year. The technology, advancement, style, money value and easy availability of parts are factors which will make the four-wheelers category for P.M Autos Pvt. Ltd, a combination of ultimate and unsurpassable success.