N.J Auto Industries

N.J Auto Industry Pvt. Ltd. commenced operations in 2004 under the umbrella of Pirani Group of Companies.

Though young in the field, it has a huge operations area which spreads over a land mass of 24200Square Yards. The major concern of N.J Auto Industry Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturing of Two-justify and Three-Wheelers.

Dealers Network

Throughout the country N.J. Auto Industry Pvt. Ltd. has 400 authorized Sales dealers in the two-wheeler category which enables customers to have an ease and proximity to the company dealership.

The dealership network has been painstakingly implemented ensuring maximum comfort and provision of better services to the customer.

N.J Autos Pvt. Ltd. has setup a dealership network consisting of 200 dealers of rickshaws ,which caters to the needs of the customers throughout the Country and along with that they have 100 service stations which enable customers to have maximum satisfaction over the life-cycle of the product.

The rickshaws manufactured by N.J Autos Pvt. Ltd. have a unique feature that makes their product standout from the rest: it is economical and pollution free and environment friendly.

The working principles of N.J Autos Pvt. Ltd. lie in the doctrine of Economies of Scale. The output of N.J Autos Pvt. Ltd. in both categories is very high and at the same time the cost of production is very low which enables the organization to improve and better the quality to give the customers the best value for their money.

Service Network

Along with the dealership network N.J. Auto Industry Pvt. Ltd. has 350 Services after sales dealers and 5 regional marketing offices. The Regional Marketing offices exist to ensure the operations around the country are running smoothly and that customers are getting the best value for their money.

The regional marketing offices also make sure that dealers have the required inventory with them in periods of high demand. The network of service centers spreads over all the major cities, as well as in smaller cities of Pakistan which ensures maximum satisfaction to the customer even after the sales.