Group 2

Mini Cab Front Engine 200cc

Engine & Transmission RE 4S CNG
Type 4 stroke, forces air cooled S.i Engine
Stoke & Bore (in mm) 68/57
Engine Displacement (in CC) 175.52
Ignition System 12v Electronic DC Type
Fuel CNG / Petrol
Starting Hand Lever and self start
Transmission 4 Speed forward + 1 Reverse
Frame Type Construction from pressed steel sheets
Front Constant rate coil Spring and double acting hydraulic shock absorber
Rear Independently sprung wheel by trailing arm with helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber
Front Mechanical shoe type size 123.5mm x 15 wide
Rear Hydraulic exand shoe type Size 170 mm x 29.5 mm wide
Tire (Front Tank) Front 4.00-8, 8 PR, Rear 4.00-8, 8 Pr
Fuel Tank Capacity C.N.G.29 Liter Water equivalent (Approx 3kg of Gas at 200 bar)
 Petrol 6 Liter (for limphome Operation)
System 12V.dc negative gound
Battery 12V.40A
Head, Tail Lamp 37.5 / 60 W,40/5 W (SW for Tail Lamp)
Side Indictor Lamp 10W
Pilot Lamp 5W
Overall Size 2650mm x 1300 mm x 1750 mm
Wheel Base 2000m
Maximum Speed 60 KM/h









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